The #Saladshots News Coverage Mounts…

The #Saladshots News Coverage Mounts…


Saladshots appears to be becoming the centerpiece of a discussion on a range of national websites from to to and several others about dressing flavors:–jerrys/8999279/

The issue is can such adventurous flavors like ours taste good or be healthy? We can answer that simply…YES! In so many ways.

We’re doing some amazing things here at Saladshots that allow us to create these dressing breakthroughs. But we have to dispel some of the notions we’ve held all our lives.

Chocolate can be good for you and taste good on a salad. Mac n’ Cheese and PB&J can be dressings. And can be fantastic at that…

We’ve captured the essence of some of the flavors we love the most. An example is Chocolate Chip… It’s not chocolate sauce. It’s a chocolate cranberry balsamic that goes well with kale, brocoli and a range of toppings like nuts, croutons, and raisins. Mac n’ Cheese is a delicious cheesy low fat ranch dressing that is amazing with a range of veggies. PB & J is a light, tangy strawberry vinaigrette swirled through a satay type dressing.

Not to mention we’re introducing a range of other exciting dressing many would perhaps consider less adventurous.

We’re breaking new ground, and we want you all to get behind what we’re doing. We want to help more and more folks eat healthy!

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