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We’ve developed the ultimate salad dressing experience: Re-sealable 3 oz. shelf stable on-the-go, individual serve pouches that can be used for pouring and dipping with salads and vegetables.
The pouches come either individually or in a variety of packaging, primarily in our 6 pack, which contains 18 shots (3 shots per pouch).


Our Pouches’ Eco-Footprint

  • Saladshots chose our pouches because they offer safety, protection and better food quality in an eco-conscious way. Whether at home or “on the go”, Saladshots’ lightweight pouches won’t weigh you down, or concern you with breakage.
  • In addition, we chose not to use glass or plastic as both are heavier and take up more space. In fact, glass can weigh almost as much as the food it contains. This weight over the lifespan of the product uses a tremendous amount of energy. Reducing packaging weight is one of the best ways to reduce a product footprint.
  • Recycling is important, and glass is recyclable, but not everyone has recycling facilities available or chooses to recycle, and glass puts a tremendous burden on landfills. Saladshot’s BPA-free pouch better protects flavor and nutrients, and requires lower, shorter heat times.
  • The environment is important to Saladshots, and we’ve explored every possible avenue to offer our dressings in the most efficient way possible given our commitment to offering a more convenient dressing and today’s packaging technology.

Pouch Technical Specs

  • The Saladshots pouch is made of FDA approved layers, and each layer serves an important purpose. The innermost layer, or the layer in contact with the food is called polypropylene. The next layer is foil, and this layer does not come in contact with the food, but offers protection from light and oxygen. The outside layers help the pouch tear straight and are where the package text and imagery is printed. The printing is done on the inside of the outer layer.
  • Saladshots pouches protect our dressings from air and light, which can affect color, flavor and nutrients. 
Re-sealable packaging means you can save the unused portion.