Summer Time Saladshots Recipe

Summer Time Saladshots Recipe

Summer Time Saladshots Recipe

Watermelon & Golden Heirloom Tomato Salad

Life does not seem to slow down these days. Quick healthy meals can be a challenge, not to mention the obligatory Summer time Pot Luck get together where you always feel like you just got “Chopped” when your dish is still full at the end of the night. Let me show you a simple dish that looks amazing, and tastes even better. I know what you are about to say. Food is not my specialty.

If you can pick up six ingredients, and you have 20 minutes or less, you can make this dish.



1 ½ cups                                                Fresh Cubed Watermelon

1 ½ cups                                                Fresh Cubed Golden Heirloom Tomato

(You can substitute golden cherry or golden regular tomatoes)

2 tablespoons                                       Fresh chopped Basil Leaf

2 tablespoons                                       Fresh chopped Mint Leaf

¼ cup                                                     Thin sliced scallion (green onion) green part only

1 Package                                                Salad Shots Pomegranate Dressing

Step 1.   Cut Watermelon and Tomato in ¼ to ½ inch square dice and place in a 3 quart mixing bowl

Step 2.   Chop Basil and Mint and place in mixing bowl

Step 3.   Slice the green section of the onion as thin as you can, and add to bowl.

Step 4.   Pour Salad Shots Pomegranate Dressing into the bowl, and then toss lightly till all the ingredients are distributed evenly.

Serve to your family and friends, and enjoy.

You just made a light dish that everyone will love, and you will be the hit of the party.

Chef Matt

Executive Chef


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