Hi Saladfriends,

I wanted to thank and congratulate you all on Saladshots just passing the 100 backer milestone with 30 days still to go!

We’re moving toward $18,000 with our $25,000 target next on the horizon. We’re off to a great start, but still have a ways to go. Please help to continue spreading the word!

Saladshots Kickstarter Campaign: goo.gl/PwxtI2

A few interesting notes for you all… Based on the excitement generated by our campaign, Startup Nation Radio (startupnation.com) selected us to be interviewed as one of only two Kickstarter campaigns for a show on Kickstarter. In fact, I was interviewed along with a representative from Kickstarter just this Saturday, which was great! The show aired across the Midwest and will be available shortly online.

This week we will be featured on ABC’s “The Chew”, and have been selected by Stylus.com, one of the leading innovation magazines based in London, for an article about global innovative food packaging. We were described as “an exciting product that meets the new needs of today’s consumer”.

Let’s all keep up the good work in spreading the word, and if any of you are feeling a bit motivated and extra generous, feel free to increase your already generous pledges and get some more cool Saladshots stuff…

And remember, we’re bringing the potential of healthy eating to a lot more folks than are currently doing so. And that is a very good thing…

Thank you all!


Saladshots Founder & CEO