Salad dressing—yes, salad dressing
Noticing that the salad market could use, er, shaking up—SaladShots creator Adam Rubin decided to set out to create some adventurous new flavors—most notably, Chocolate Chip. “We’ve had the same stuff for the longest time—honey mustard, ranch,” he says. The Chocolate Chip variety is a low-fat, dark chocolate-cranberry balsamic vinaigrette that he recommends on hearty greens like kale or broccoli, along with nuts and raisins. “It’s not what you’d think. You’re not pouring hot fudge on salad,” he reassured us at “It’s not too sweet or tangy. We want to get people eating healthy, that’s the idea.” SaladShots is the final stages of fundraising, but Rubin estimates the on-the-go salad dressings, which come in BPA-free foil pouches, are about four or five months out from manufacturing, with the $2 pouches in stores soon after.

SOURCE: Today Show