Saladshots in the Press: Jenn’s Review Blog

Saladshots in the Press: Jenn’s Review Blog

Saladshots is reinventing the salad dressing category with unique and delicious flavors such as “Rose Petal,” “Chocolate Chip,” “Mac n’ Cheese,” “Pomegranate” and “PB&J,” as well as traditional flavors such as “Honey Mustard” and “Feel Good Ranch.” The dressings are made with high-quality ingredients and cut down on the amount of fat, sodium and processed sugar (Saladshots uses agave nectar as a natural alternative) found in most dressings on the market today. What’s more, Saladshots incorporates the latest natural food technology to reduce the oil and fat content of the dressings without losing taste or luxurious texture. Equally, and in order to reduce its eco-footprint, all Saladshots dressings come in eco-friendly and BPA-free foil on-the-go pouches that are sleek, lightweight and multi-functional.

I received 2 flavors of Saladshots at no cost in exchange for my honest review
jenns review blog

I got the Rose Petal and Honey Mustard flavors

Other flavors they have are:

Citrus Ginger
Feel Good Rance
Chocolate Chip
Mint Basil
Mac N’ Cheese

My Review

We like to try new things when it comes to foods. As much as we love greasy, salty, yummy snacks, we also try to eat healthy when we can. We actually love salads and vegetables with different dips and dressings. I was sent these two flavors to try from Salad Shots, Rose Petal and Honey Mustard. The Honey Mustard is the familiar flavor we all know. My boys love it and used it on their chicken and french fries. The Rose Petal is more of a sweet balsamic type of dressing. My husband said it was “girlie” dressing, but I really liked the flavor of it on my salad when we did spaghetti night. Its light and has a slightly fruity sort of taste to it. Besides the flavor of these, these are really easy to use. There’s just enough in each one for one serving. You can take them with you if you know wherever you’re going to eat won’t have your favorite dressing. These are especially great for picky kids. You can take their favorite dressing/dip flavor to family outings and gatherings or restaurants so they are happy. When they are happy you can be happy and enjoy your own meal. These are a great new product that everyone should try!

SOURCE: Jenn’s Review Blog

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