Got Salad Boredom?

Ready to kick up your salad? Saladshots have unique flavors such as “Rose Petal,” “Chocolate Chip,” “Mac n’ Cheese,” “Pomegranate” and “PB&J,” as well as traditional flavors such as “Honey Mustard” and “Feel Good Ranch.” They are made with high-quality ingredients and cut down on the amount of fat, sodium and processed sugar (Saladshots uses agave nectar as a natural alternative) found in most dressings on the market today. What’s more, Saladshots incorporates the latest natural food technology to reduce the oil and fat content of the dressings without losing taste or luxurious texture. Equally, and in order to reduce its eco-footprint, all Saladshots dressings come in eco-friendly and BPA-free foil on-the-go pouches that are sleek, lightweight and multi-functional.
“Much in the same way Ben & Jerry’s rejuvenated ice cream by adding cookie dough as an ingredient and Chobani added ‘Greek’ to the yogurt category, Saladshots’ delicious premium on-the-go dressings are a refreshing, healthy, and functional alternative to current options on the market today,” said Adam Rubin, founder of Saladshots. “Eating healthy has always been about sacrifice for many. We switched the paradigm and are making it fun and exciting to eat a healthy meal, such as a good salad or some veggies, with dynamic dressings you can take anywhere. This isn’t just about selling dressings…it’s about bringing fun and healthy eating to as many as possible.”

SOURCE: Food Enthusiast Magazine