*Recipe* Chocolate Caesar Salad

*Recipe* Chocolate Caesar Salad

Chocolate Caesar Salad with Spiced Sun Flour Seed Crunchies!

By Chef Matt -Saladshots’ Corporate Executive R&D Chef.


We created Saladshots’ Chocolate Chip Dressing with the idea of bringing a new excitement to healthy eating for both kids and adults.

Most parents are lucky if they can get their children to eat cooked vegetables or a salad.

Forget about it! Not a chance! But… wait, kids love chocolate chip cookies, so take a mild balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing, and layer it with cacao nibs and natural chocolate, use healthy stuff like Agave, instead of sugar, and maybe you have a chance at starting a healthy diet pattern for children at a young age.

Chocolate, in some forms, is actually healthy for you. It is listed as one of the twenty five super foods by scientists, and we only use natural cacao (the seed that chocolate and cocoa are derived from) and natural dark chocolate in Saladshots Chocolate Chip Dressing.

I will let you in on a little secret. Grownups love Saladshots Chocolate Chip Dressing.

So before you say, “NO WAY”!… Think, creamy balsamic and mole sauce. Now take that concept and run with it. OK, now I get it, But… Could you tell me what I put that dressing on?


The best part is that this is so easy to make.

Chocolate Caesar Salad Recipe -Serves 4 people


Romaine Lettuce Hearts 4 to 5 heads, cleaned & chopped half inch thick

Herbed Croutons 1 Cup

Saladshots Chocolate Chip Dressing 2 Pouches

Dried Cranberries ¼ Cup, chop them up a little

Spiced Sun flour Crunchies 6 Tablespoons (recipe below)


1. Place chopped romaine lettuce in a large bowl and add the contents of one whole pouch of Saladshots Chocolate Chip Dressing (save the second pouch to top the salads individually). Toss the lettuce with the dressing until all the lettuce is lightly coated with the dressing.

2. Set out 4 plates on your work area.

3. Transfer the Salad to the plates with tongs placing 1 small pile of the greens on top of the other to build a small mountain in the center of the plate. (see picture)

4. With your hands, or kitchen spoons, sprinkle the Croutons, Dried Cranberries and Spiced Sun flour Crunchies over the top of the salads.

5. Take the second pouch of Saladshots Chocolate Chip Dressing and squirt ¼ of the contents over the top of each salad to add some flavor and color to your salad.

Wow! Did I make those salads?! They look like some fancy restaurant salads!!!!

Spiced Sun Flour Seed Crunchies Recipe


Sun Flour Seeds, un-salted half pound de-hulled / shelled

Fresh Rosemary, coarsely chopped 2 Tablespoons

Cayenne Pepper Powder ¼ Teaspoon

Dark Brown Sugar 3 Tablespoons

Kosher Salt 2 Teaspoons


1. Pre Heat Oven to 350 degree

2. In a Medium Mixing Bowl, add all ingredients and mix and toss until all ingredients are evenly distributed

3. Transfer to a cookie sheet pan and spread out evenly

4. Place in Pre Heated 350 degree oven for 9 to 11 minutes till golden brown.

5. Remove from oven and transfer back into bowl. Waite 10 minutes to cool down before serving

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