Introducing Saladshots…

Introducing Saladshots…

Ever go into a grocery store and notice how many bottles of dressing look the same and taste the same?  Big, clunky, uninteresting.  As someone who has struggled to eat healthy, I need that extra push to get me excited to eat healthy food.  I just wasn’t getting that from what’s out there.

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Then I started talking to moms, kids, dads, teens, everyone, and they were all tired of the same ol’ boring dressings we’ve all been using for years.  Not to mention carrying bottles of dressing and tupper ware around was driving people nuts.

So I thought let’s try to change all this.  What if there was a way to create yummy dressings that we could take “on the go”.  Saladshots was born from this concept.

I hope you enjoy them.  They’re coming soon.


Founder of Saladshots


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