Saladshots Rose Petal:  The long and winding road to the starting lineup for Saladshots.

At Saladshots, we like to create new and interesting flavors that people may not have had the opportunity to enjoy yet. Some of the initial attempts at our creations happen “on the fly” in the test kitchen within a few minutes with great success, but most of these creations have taken years to figure out how to get them to work.

Chef Matt first attempted a version of a dressing with Rose Water 20 years ago, and it was a disaster. He would try to make it work a few more times over the years and had given up on getting it to work. It became a personal joke every time a recipe would get stalled during creation, and he would just file it over to the column of failures.

One day he was working on a recipe, and sampled a completely different dressing, and that darn Rose Water flashed into his brain. It took at least an hour to find that little bottle in the test kitchen store room. Just a few drops and….. Could it be????  Do these flavors compliment the rose petal? After all those years, No Way! Right?

Out of retirement, and taken off injured reserve, a new and improved rose flavored dressing came to the front of the flavor line, and Saladshots’ Rose Petal dressing began its journey through the gauntlet of Focus Group Testing (by panels of non-descript individuals from all walks of life, who can rip any chef’s prized creations to shreds within a few sentences).

Chef Matt should have figured out that after twenty years on the bench, Rose Petal was not going to allow any chance of failure to stand in its way. The dressing finished with flying colors, and Rose Petal has earned her spot in the starting lineup for Salad Shots.

Still to come is a recipe for the Garden Party Rose Petal Salad… a perfect “go to” salad for entertaining during hot summer months when you need a light option that will impress your friends.