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The Saladshots story is one that takes us from the halls of Oxford University all the way to sunny California… But it’s one that is always focused on how to make eating healthy more fun.


We started with an idea… Let’s make unique, different dressing flavors in novel pouches that folks could take everywhere.However, the flavors were so unique that people just couldn’t wrap their heads around it. Our initial pouch “shots” were so novel that stores couldn’t figure out where to put them. And so the brand was started…

The brand today has taken the overly brash and transformed it into the cool. Chocolate chip has become Choco Balsamic… Still fun, but more palatable.

Our “shots” packaging has become the “shots” system, a more diverse system of portioning out your dressings from the current 12 shot bottles to the coming re-invented 3 shot pouches and new 1.5 shot cups.

At the core is our lineup of portion-controlled 12 shot bottles

We expanded on dressings with our Saladshotsbars. Eating healthy on-the-go is a challenge. Imagine if we could combine the goodness of a salad in the convenience of bar, and add in the deliciousness of our dressings. We made it happen… The Saladshotsbar!

Overall, Saladshots is excited to keep re-inventing and transforming the way we eat our veggies, salads, and fruit. As long as our customers are having fun and feeling good about the food they eat, all is right in the world.


Adam Rubin
Founder & CEO